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Can you blame Americans for voting into Congress a number of so called safe pop culture videos? How can we as residents elect points that make us laugh, however make us sick? After all, what is funny when it comes to national politics, religion, battle or disaster? In the name of freedom we are allowed to commemorate or lampoon any sort of government in the world, yet when it involves our own government, well, that’s just flat out absurd. Can you understand why I am dismayed regarding this sort of nonsense? The First Amendment was written to shield the right of our people to praise openly and also press openly to reveal their viewpoints. That right has actually been breached to the greatest level. Is it any marvel that the citizens of our nation no more believe anything that they are informed by our supposed leaders? If harmless popular culture was that great, then wouldn’t all the politicians be gone currently? Certainly they aren’t, since they know that if they shed their ballots, they will not win the White Residence in November, and also they will have stopped working as reps of their event. Can you believe all those Hollywood celebrities, which are taken into consideration to be the biggest stars worldwide, recommended these videos? And also they are just utilizing this type of garbage home entertainment to advertise their political party and also to make some additional money heading out. I do not understand why any person would like enjoy this stuff. It makes me question if they are dealing with brain damage or memory loss. It is impressive that our media is falling to these unethical levels. So, when will the popular culture sector be held accountable for their destructive actions as well as hazardous information? Recently I heard a rap track where the singer stated that all the politicians are so stupid as well as corrupt, and they need to be thrown away of workplace. I locate this absolutely dreadful and also totally agree with him. Why is it that we allow our chosen officials to corrupt themselves by using these safe popular culture products? The reality is that individuals require to vote, and also they need to have an impact. But it isn’t only politicians who need to be mindful regarding what they claim on the net, it’s practically any type of type of sector. If they do not like what they are being informed, or they feel like something is wrong, shouldn’t they be able to voice their opinion? Some state that pop culture is so powerful that it trumps all other types of media, and maybe it does, yet do we truly intend to stay in a globe where everything is tainted by harmless pop culture? That is such a ridiculous thought, however if it is our option, I guess we could all be glad that it isn’t. There is no reason to hold safe pop culture most importantly others, as the world contains poor information, and we require to filter our details to ensure that we are obtaining the right info, and also not the incorrect info. That is exactly how we progress humans. Popular culture might be below to stay, and I think that is a good thing, although it can additionally provide entertainment and enjoyment for some. It is regrettable though that many people consider it a curse, due to the fact that there is so much great pop culture out there. The problem with some people is that they try to take things as well as press them onto others, which misbehaves. It’s like them claiming that the skies is dropping and also it’s no enjoyable to enjoy.

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